Adsorption Dryer

Adsorption Dryer
  • KDH models range in capacity from 10 to 12,000 cfm
  • Simple operation, reliable performance
  • KDH series heatless desiccant dryers will yield effluent air quality that meets Class 1 or 2 dew point standards of ISO 8573-1:2010. Couple with our KA and KR series filters, the KDH dryer system will meet or exceed the standards set forth in
    ISO 8573-1:2010 1.2.1 and 1.1.1.
  • Stainless steel flow diffusers insure optimal desiccant use, prevents channeling; promotes full desiccant bed use in both regeneration and drying phases; longer desiccant life (typically 5 years).
  • Switching failure feature -– prevents interruption of customer flow
  • Reliable poppet style switching valves (up to 2.0”) are designed for the rigorous, rapid cycle service of heatless dryer operation. Larger units utilize high performance butterfly valves.
  • Optional energy management system for additional savings

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