Rotary Lobe Blowers

Rotary Lobe Blowers


Rotary lobe machines are used in all those applications where higher flow rates are required than those of side channel machines (up to 20000 m3 / h), with delivery pressure up to 1 bar rel. o suction depression up to -500 mbar rel. 

The volumetric efficiency of a lobe machine is constant, thus allowing to operate with an approximately constant flow rate while varying the pressure differential. As there is no friction between the lobes and between lobes and stator, and therefore there is no wear of these components, the volumetric efficiency is invariable over time. 

Furthermore, since there is no friction between the lobes and between lobes and stator, no lubrication is required in the compression chamber. The conveyed gas is therefore totally free from oil.

Typical supply compositions

Rotating lobe machines are normally supplied as a “Compact Group”, in which the machine body support base is integrated with the delivery silencer while the intake silencer is integrated in the filter. 

The transmission between the machine and the motor is achieved by means of belts and pulleys or with a gear reducer for the highest powers. 

The Groups are completed with an overpressure or vacuum breaker valve, check valve, anti-vibration supports, elastic connection sleeve and possibly soundproof cabin with extraction fan, pressure gauges and vacuum gauges, vacuum start valve and other accessories on request. 

The MAPRO ® Commercial Service , in synergy with its Technical Service, is able to study and propose, on the basis of customer requests, the “Complete package groups” best suited to the specific needs and peculiarities of the system.