Peerless Process Pumps

Peerless Process Pumps

Peerless & LaBour Taber Process Pumps 

Industry leading self-priming design based on Harry LaBour’s “Hydrobalance” design allowing for a guaranteed suction lift of 25 ft of H2O at sea level. Also utilizes the same heavy duty power end as the LVA & TFA pumps. Available in a wide range of metallurgies.


  • Back pull-out feature with an ANSI series bearing frame for ease of maintenance.
  • Every LHAULPLA series pump offers both rapid priming time and high lift capabilities.
  • Inherently self-priming, eliminating the need for check valves, foot valves, and auxiliary priming devices.
  • LHA/LPLA design incorporates large diameter ANSI shafts which minimize shaft deflection and reduce mechanical seal wear.
  • Circular casing eliminates vapor lock.
  • Component construction enables the user to replace any individual part without replacing the entire unit.
  • Removable basket strainer prevents foreign solids from damaging the pump.

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